Сценарий сказки на английском языке для детей

The Wolf and seven Kids


Сценарий сказки на английском языке для детей Author: Once upon a time lived a Mother Goat with her seven kids in the house in the wood. A Goat was a good mother. And here is she!
Mother Goat: Hello, dear friends! Let me introduce my kids: the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh. They are small, but friendly and funny. They are brave.

Песня козлят c движениями

We are afraid of Big Bad Wolf,
Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad Wolf,
We are afraid of Big Bad Wolf,
Mother Goat: My dear kids! I shall go to the wood for the cabbage. You
will stay at home. You should sit still and play table games. If you listen to the knock near the door, do not open the door. Maybe Big Bad Wolf come to our house. Do you understand me?
Kid 1: Do not worry, mummy! Everything will be in order. We love you very much!

Коза берет корзину и уходит в лес

Песня Козы:
I am learning you , little kids,
Myfunnykids, my lovely kids.
You don’t open the door,
Our door, lie on floor.
Maybe Wolf comes to our home,
He doesn’t want to be alone.
Do the right choice,
Don’t makemuch noise!!!!

Коза уходит в лес



Стук в двери дома

KID 1: Who are you?
Wolf: I am your mummy. I came from the wood. I brought the cabbage to you. Open the door, please!
Kid 2: This is not our mummy!!!
Kid 3: His voice is rude!
Kid 4: Your voice does not look like our mummy's.
Kid 5: Go away! Do not pull our door!

ВОЛК снова стучится в двери и говорит более мягким голосом

WOLF: I am your mummy. I came from the wood. I brought the cabbage to you. Open the door, please!
Kid 6: Mummy, mummy!!!Did you come back?
Kid 7: Did you bring the cabbage to us?
WOLF: Yes, of course. Open the door quickly!

Козлята открывают двери;
Волк заходит в домик

WOLF: You are stupid! I am Wolf. I shall eat you!
Kid 1: Do not eat us. Soon our mummy will come from the wood.
Kid 2 : She will bring the cabbage.
Kid 3 : We will give you.
Kid 4 : Let us play “ Hide and seek”.
Wolf: (почесывая голову) Eat the kids or play the game at first? Let us play and then eat.

Волк с козлятами играют в «Прятки»
Стук в двери

Kid 5 : Hooray –hooray! Our mummy came back!
Goat: Rids, where are you? ( Коза ищет козлят, а Волк выходит к ней)
Goat: I see a guest in our house. Kids, why did you open the door to Wolf?
Kid 6 : Mummy, Mister Wolf is nice. He is playing with us.
Goat: Dear Mister Wolf! I see, you are our guest. Let us will be friends. We are wood's inhabitants. Welcome to us! Sit at our table and help yourself!
Kid 7: Agree , Mister Wolf!
Wolf: (почесывая голову) Okey! I agree with you.Let us have a friendly party!

Все герои сказки берутся за руки и поют песню

Song: Take my hand and walk with me ,
Be my friend and talk to me.
Together, together , together
Every day,
Together, together we learn and play.
AUTHOR: Friendship is a good thing!!!!!Be friendly !!!!

Елена Свитайло






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